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Australia Student Visa Consultants: Oli Associates

Oli & Associates is a reputed Australian VISA center in Nepal, serving the needs for student VISA, skilled migration VISA and dependent VISA for Australia along with all other VISAs; and also assisting students looking to study in
New Zealand.

Are you looking to study in Australia? If so, you need consultants who can help you make your dreams possible. At Oli and Associates, we have an education consultant in Australia and we can help you get to where you want to be.

If you are already in Australia and loving your new life, you may not want it to end. We can help you secure further visas and help you gain a Permanent Residency. It is good to know that we always keep up to date with the PR eligible hot courses. Read More

Australia Student Visa Consultants: Oli Associates

Our Australian student visa consultantsoffer you a counselling service so that we can find out what your requirements are. We want to help you find the right course and location, which is why we always listen to you.

We know all about the latest changes to the rules and regulations surrounding visas, so you can be sure that you are in good hands. We will help you with your visa application. This includes visa requirements, along with your eligibility for studying at universities and institutes.

If you are looking to obtain a Permanent Residency, Oli and Associates student visa agent Australia keep up to date with the PR eligible hot courses, and we can give you guidance surrounding this.

You will be given a list of all the documents needed for your visa application. We also make sure that you fulfil the requirements to stay visa compliant, so you can be sure that everything is above board. With a personalised migration plan, we discover all the information we need about you, such as your immigration background, education, age and others, to give you the best support.

We are up to date on the Australian Migration Law. As this has over 100 visa sub-clauses, it helps you to know that you are getting the best advice from those in the know. What's more, these are subject to frequent changes, but Oli and Associates always keep up with this.

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Oli and Associates provide you with the help, guidance and support you need when applying to study abroad. We will submit your application on your behalf and correspond with the academic institute for you.

A range of services including: migration agent Melbourne, migration agent Sydney, migration agent Brisbane - contact us now.

We have been operating since 2002, and during this time we have helped thousands of migrants move. You can rely on us for honest and reliable advice and guidance with all the support you need to get you to where you want to be. We maintain the highest professional standards of ethics and integrity, which makes us the registered migration agent that you want to work with.

Complete our online form today, and we will get back to you. We look forward to working with you and helping you to discover a course that lets you have the career you have always wanted.

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Over 18 years of experience in providing excellent guidance

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Our assistance in connecting you to Australian way of life

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A super efficient team led by Mr. Bhabani Prasad Oli

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Gives assistance to students with their visa applications

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Easy access to our network of over 40 universities and colleges

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Gives you access to 30 plus QEAC certified counselors

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    • "A very big thank you to the whole team especially Mr. Pramesh Gyawali sir. I cannot thank you enough for your valuable time, your guidance and your friendship."

      Nisha Mainadevi Prasai
    • "Sincere, thanks to all the dedicated service given by the whole Oli & Associates Team.I appreciate the one-on-one help & guidance received from you."

      Dinesh Paija
    • "I found that Oli and Associates is best consultancy and I want to thank Oli and Associates team members for helping me in every step of processing."

      Utsav Neupane
    • "Oli and associates has friendly and more cooperative environment. I recommend those who are willing to study in australia to pay a visit."

      Manoj BK
    • "My experience with Oli & Associates was very good. The process was smooth and all the staffs are pretty helpful and friendly as well."

      Yugantar Sambhangphe
    • "Most genuine and trustworthy consultancy in nepal. very friendly environment and good service.visit once and you wont regret it"

      Bhawana Chauhan
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