Education Counseling


Where would to like to get an international degree from? We, at Oli and Associates, have more than 30 QEAC certified counselors who are always up to date about the latest changes to rules and regulations related to visas and study in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

These competent counselors provide the best guidance and recommendations for your future decision. Counselors at Oli and Associates are highly ethical and keep their professional integrity above all.
Education Counseling Process
How it Works (Process)

Step 1 - We listen to you

In this step we just listen to you about your education background, field of interest and subjects you want to study. We will ask you about your preference with respect to the institute, course and the location of the institutes. We will also suggest some great options and advice you on courses and career paths according to your exact circumstances, such as academic scores, budget, city, scholarships, intake and more.

Step 2 - We work out the details

After listening to you, we start looking into details to find you suitable universities and institutes. In this process we check your eligibility for institutions as well as visa requirements. We, at Oli and Associates have always kept our professionalism and integrity above all. Thus, we ensure providing you the correct information and assist you in your journey to get an international degree ethically.

Step 3 - We address visa issues

We guide you through the documentation where we give you the list of documents you need to get for fulfilling eligibility criteria and how or where to get them. We will give you the list of process requirements for study visa and facilitate you in the process as well. We will also ensure that you fulfill all the requirements to stay visa compliant.

Step 4 - We handle the application process

Be assured. We will take care of the paperwork. We will even submit the application on your behalf. Since you (our candidates) are our biggest priority, we will coordinate with your education provider and make sure everything runs smoothly. We will also ensure that you get appropriate health cover, insurance, financial resources and fulfill all the English language requirements.
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