Law and Legal Studies

Law degree is one of the most respected degrees round the globe. A degree in law provides you with the ability to uphold justice and maintain international relations. Legal aspects come into prospect with every aspect of human life. From issues relating to politics, business, environment, human rights, international relations, trade, a law student can be expected to perform in any of these fields.

Any such degree can help one in developing a career in journalism, justice, policy management and diplomatic relations. A combined degree with law also provides a very strong foundation for further studies or career. A law degree assures a stable financial career once you become a professional practitioner with a salary of $160,000. Not only a degree in law help you becoming financially stable but also help you master your critical thinking, analytical skills, intellectual abilities and develop a career based on respect and prestige.

So, if you wish to make a difference in the lives of people through law, any degree in your field of interest will aid your interest.
Study Law in Australia
We all know that law is one of the most respected degrees around the world. You can study about law in Australia during the under graduate studies in LLB programs that can last anywhere between 4-10 years. Similarly, there are graduate law degrees that can help you advance your career in law. Likewise, there are post graduate research programs you can apply for.

According to Bureau of labor statistics, the average pay of the lawyers are $120,000 per year. And majority of the lawyers work for the government and some also provide legal services.
Study Journalism in Australia
A person with a bachelor’s degree in journalism can work as a reporter, correspondent, broadcast news analyst, news reader and so on.

The journalism course includes some classes in history, politics, social sciences, economics and communication. Most of these graduates end up working for radio and televisions where the average pay would be $64,000.
Study Criminal Justice in Australia
Crime and Justice
Criminal justice degree programs are one of the highly respected programs around the world. There are many field of criminal justices such as computer forensics, corrections, counter terrorism, criminal investigation and many more.

If you are a big fan of detectives and crime movies, this course might help you hone your skills and help you provide justice to the innocent. You can also work for the government as detectives or federal workers.
Study Policy and Diplomacy Study in Australia
Policy and Diplomacy Study
There are international degrees offered by universities during the bachelors. Similarly, there are master’s program offered on diplomatic relationships.

Many of the graduates ends up working as public relation specialists, consultants and political scientists. Most of these works require high degree of experience so they also complete post graduate programs. The average salary of a political scientist is $117,000, whereas the public relation specialist earns $60,000. So, the salary depends upon the experience and the job employed on.
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