Why Study in Canada

Study in Canada


Canada is one of the best education destinations for international students. Canada currently hosts around 642000 international students as of September 2020. Canada is home to hundred thousands of students throughout the globe for the following reasons.

World class academics:

According the Q’s world university ranking 2020. Canada has 26 of the top universities in the world. Canada provides students with many degree choices in any field. The Canadian degree holds a high regard in the world which means after the completion of your degree you can work in any part of the world. The government of Canada focuses strongly on the research and development. If you are a research student Canada is the country for you.

Affordable living cost tuition fees:

Canada has a very affordable tuition fees in comparison to countries like The United States and The United Kingdom. The average cost of living and tuition fee for an international student can be anywhere from CAD 20000 to CAD 30000 per annum.
Country Average Annual Tuition & Cost of Living (USD)
Canada $29,947
United Kingdom $35,045
United States $36,564
Australia $42,093
Apart from the tuition fee students have few extra bills to pay, which are house rents, transportation, health insurance. In Canada the house rents are charged monthly which on average are anywhere between 400-1000 CAD for 1 bedroom, Of course this varies according to the location. Most of the international students live in shared accommodation which makes it a lot cheaper. If you are living in cities like Toronto and Montreal and travel via train the average monthly transportation cost is 151.15 CAD.
Study in Canada
Study in Canada

Quality of life and safety:

According to the survey of US News and World Report Canada is ranked at #2 in the world for overall safety. Canada is also ranked as the 5 th best country in the world for women, 3 rd in terms of ease of doing business. Forbes also declared Canada as 12 th safest country in terms of Covid 19. Canada is a very liberal country in terms of accepting immigrants. According to the 2016 census 21.9% of the population in Canada is immigrants. Canada also scores high in the ranking of counties with no racism.

Lucrative jobs and good wages:

Canada is a diverse country with a lot of immigrants and there are plenty of jobs for everyone. As a international students one can work part time in many fields like café and restaurant, logistics, transportation, construction, hospitality industry and many more. The average wage per hour in Canada is 15 CAD on average this may vary from province to province. The Canadian wage rate is one of the best in the world.
Study in Canada
Study in Canada

Post study working visa:

Once the student has completed his/her study they are legally eligible to work in Canada for 2-3 years depending on the course they have completed. In those 3 years if they are able to meet the criteria set by the Canadian government they can apply for permanent residence. If one meets the criteria he/she can get the PR.
Study in Canada
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