City Facts

2.06 million
Average International Fees
US $30,000
Capital of
Western Australia
Ore Hub for
Metal and coal
UWA,CU,Murdoch UNI,CQU and many more
  • Study in Perth
  • Study in Perth
  • Study in Perth
Perth is the capital city of the Australian state of Western Australia (WA) and also the largest city. It is named after the city of Perth, Scotland and is the fourth-most populous city in Australia, with a population of 2.06 million living in Greater Perth. The residents of Perth are favored by a Mediterranean climate all year round. They get to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a very beautiful, clean, spacious feeling city. A huge number of deposit sites for metal ores and coal can be found in Western Australia. The economy of the state as well as Perth has been booming because of the Asian countries clustered here to source many of their raw materials from Western Australia. 25 km south of Perth in a place called Kwinana, is a large oil refinery which offers many associated engineering and chemicals jobs. Agriculture and tourism lead the way in the growth of Perth region’s economy. People living in Perth have some of the highest incomes in Australia. It has broad highways and roads.

People who migrate to Perth find it a friendly place to settle, specifically compared to Sydney where people are too busy and seem to have less time for one another. One of Perth’s big plusses is its beautiful beaches. Many migrants dream of living next to these although houses in good, beachside suburbs tend to be very pricey. Unlike the big east-coast cities, where the sun rises over the Pacific Ocean, Perth sees spectacular sunsets over the Indian Ocean. Public transport in Perth offers highly efficient, inexpensive services even during business hours. Transperth tickets are sold on the basis of city zones and can be used to travel on both buses and trains. One can buy Transperth tickets from bus or ferry drivers or from the coin-operated ticket vending machines at train stations on the day of travel.

Perth has very attractive countryside around the city which is a great place to live or get away at times.
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