City Facts

Average International Fees
US $30,000
Also Known as
Meeting place
City Ranking
1st (as of 2014)
Standard of Living
Living Cost
Low to medium
  • Study in Canberra
  • Study in Canberra
  • Study in Canberra
Canberra is the eighth largest city overall and also the capital city of Australia. It was established after the federation of the colonies of Australia as the seat of government for the new nation. Canberra is Australia's largest inland city. The city is located 280 km south-west of Sydney and 660 km north-east of Melbourne, which means it is at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory. Canberra’s name is thought to mean ‘meeting place’.

Canberra offers all the cosmopolitan benefits of being a modern, vibrant city, while exuding the relaxed and friendly ambiance of a larger country town. Living in Canberra is favored by many migrants as it is the best of both worlds in many ways. It has a population of around 380,000. Recognized as one of the best planned cities in the world, Canberra is ranked the best city in the world to live, by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2014. Canberra has a super efficient public bus system where students can enjoy discounts and also have a comprehensive choice of routes, including one that stops directly in front of their colleges. You can choose to cycle, use taxis or take the trains to go around the city. CountryLink has three services per day from Sydney to Canberra, while a daily bus from Canberra to Cootamundra connects with the XPT to Melbourne.

Canberra is an affordable study destination with a high standard of living, but lower costs than Sydney or Melbourne. Just as in any other city, your living costs in Canberra will vary according to your needs, lifestyle choices and spending habits. Here, you will get to experience a high quality education, together with the satisfaction of a modern city and pristine natural environment, as well as access to some of the country’s top attractions. It is a heaven for students because they can experience a healthy and safe place to focus on their studies while being around the entire necessary infrastructure.
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