Oli & Associates Fantasy Premier League

Join Oli & Associates Fantasy Premier Classic League for Free | Code: SQOG49 | Win Every Gameweek - Rs. 1,000 plus merchandises for the highest scorer each week | Win Main Prize - Rs. 10,000 plus merchandises for total highest scorer at the end of Gameweek 38

How to join the league:

  • 👉 Go to Fantasy premier league main website
  • 👉 Login/ Sign-up and create your own team
  • 👉 Go to Leagues tab and select "create and join new leagues"
  • 👉 Select "Join a league"
  • 👉 Select "Join private league"
  • 👉 Enter league code "SQOG49" and select "Join League"

Terms & Conditions:

  • Free to join Oli & Associates Fantasy Premier League
  • By joining our league, you agree to our Terms and Condition for this league
  • Only Nepali Citizen can join and win the prizes
  • Like our Facebook & Instagram Page
  • One Highest scorer every Gameweek will be the winner
  • You can use any chip as long as it is available
  • Negative points acquired from excess transfers is also calculates on the same Gameweek points
  • Gameweek Winner will be announced in our Facebook, Instagram and Website
  • Gameweek Winner will have to claim the prize and show some kind of identification to verify
  • You can join with Multiple teams but you cannot win with Multiple Teams
    (for example: If you have multiple teams in the league and you have won with Team A, then you need to win future Gameweeks with Team A only. You can not win with Team B or C or ... )
  • Main Prize Winner will be announced at the end of the season with the highest overall points
  • Winners can claim prizes up until 1 month of announcement date
  • In the event of tie or more than one Player is at the top of the Gameweek :
    1. Winner will be the team which has scored more Goals in that particular Gameweek
    2. In case of tie in Goals scored, winner will be decided by Lucky Draw
  • In the event of tie or more than one Player is at the top of the final leader board : To Be Decided Later
  • Oli & Associates has the right to make the final decision in case of the conflict and no correspondence will be entered into

Join our Facebook Group for more future updates : Facebook Group

Gameweek Winners

Gameweeks Team Name Player Name Points
1 J Amrit Subedi 118
2 Khalingfc Albert Rai 140
3 RozanFC Rozan Manandhar 90
4 Club of the Century Karan KC 109
5 Nen x Ren Udghosh Ghimire 108
6 Ankit Ankit Khatiwada 95
7 Corona 11 Subodh Bashyal 101
8 PL Taken Quickly Bishal Malla 104
9 Unknown Army Suyogya Adhikary 96
10 Wolfe'y Fief Azaad Eddie 92
11 Ln Team Ln Neupane 114
12 The Galacticos Hrishikesh Shrestha 96
13 Ole vai......champ Saroj Baral 83
14 ME N GOD !! Subarna Dahal 113
15 BLADES XI Aashish karki 89
16 MANCHESTER UNITED Aavash Dahal 78
17 gunner Saurav Tuladhar 104
18 GodFrenzY-_- Sudip Neupane 78
19 Anfielders Anil KC 163
20 Ole's On the Wheel Bikalpa Rijal 101
21 jinjin Bishnu Pratap Thapa 107
22 Anubhav 3.0 Anubhav Gautam 120
23 The Pensioners Milan Baral 110
24 Bartomeu's Bitches Aayush Yadav 133
25 xDeltaFC Saroj Regmi 115
26 Zonin Srizan Silwal 143
27 FC Sanyer Susan Shrestha 125
28 Prabesh United Prabesh Acharya 89
29 Meet G Amit Nepali 94
30 19times Jain Akshay Jain 93
31 Wernav Franky Blues Saurav Subedi 98
32 AFC 28 Brihat Shrestha 103
33 Hakim Bluex Bimal Panta 88
34 Team Deep Dipershan Karki 98
35 Clegane FC Kshitiz Rijal 177
36 IVC Indus Pokharel 95
37 Warriors XI Sushan Paudel 94
38 Apollo 11 Manish Kumar Shrestha 104

Grand Prize Winner

Team Name Player Name Total Point
Dr. IK SQUAD Ishwor Karki 2572
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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