Seven benefits of studying in Australia you may not know

Seven benefits of studying in Australia you may not know

Australia is pretty alluring not just for its sandy beaches, exotic wilderness, a deep azure ocean, cold cans of lager, and barbeques. These common suppositions alone cannot portray entire picture of the country. There are some secret reasons to make the country the most amazing destination. Let us look at benefits of studying in Australia compared to other countries especially USA.

1. Immigration

Jobs generally in Australia are dependent on your permanent residency status (PR). If you manage to get PR, it is really easy for you to get job in Australia and getting PR in this country is not as difficult as getting Green Card in US.

2. Excellence

The Australian approach to vocational and technical education is now recognized as among the best and most innovative in the world. It enjoys an international reputation for excellence in all areas of education and training. Australian universities are widely recognized for excellence in many disciplines. It has played an important role in Australia’s economic performance, by greatly increasing the skill of workers and contributing to improved productivity.

3. Job Certainty

Once you get a permanent residency, you have full right to live in Australia. So, even, in case, you lose your job at certain stage in your life, still you can stay in the country to look for other job and in the meantime survive on the basis of your savings or part time job somewhere. However, in US most of the jobs are based on H1B visa which is granted by an organization’s consent so if you lose the job, you may have to leave the country or keep looking for other company to provide you H1B visa which is a very tough situation.

4. Competition

Competition in terms of jobs in not as fierce in country like Australia as compared to US because US is a free economy so people from all the background, ethnicity and countries comes here and work here. Even less educated people work at service based companies like Infosys, Wipro and increase competition for people who have gained higher education. However, Australia has straight rules that unless you do not have a PR or Citizenship 90% of companies do not hire you at all. So people, doing higher education, have greater chances of landing up with PR and thus jobs.

5. Space to be innovative

Universities in Australia, just like any other university in the developed world, tend to promote practical learning. Students seemingly have a lot more personal space to improvise and can carry out their own projects that might turn out to be something very big. (Remember how Face book was started?)

6. Economy

An economy of Australia at this point of time is doing better than US. Economy has a great role in you landing up high paying jobs and doing better in life further. Australia with its strong economy has placed itself as one of the most buoyant economies of the developed world. As a result, it has low unemployment and inflation rate hence, creating conducive environment for the international students and graduates.

7. Global Opportunities

Getting educated in place like Australia is being eligible for more jobs globally. If you do a degree from Australia chances for getting job in any part of the world is considerably high. Institutions deliver practical and career-orientated training so graduates can be confident they have the skills demanded by employers.

And we are not surprised! It’s one of the world’s most popular study destinations, and it’s not difficult to understand why…

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